Monday, 1 July 2019

Welcome to Unbounded

Hello from Ange and Tim

Like many Brits and other EU nationals, we’re shocked, angry and exasperated by Brexit – and all that fed it. This is our record of what we’re doing to escape it by leaving the UK for an EU country where our rights as EU citizens continue to be protected. We’re sharing the challenges, breakthroughs, fantastic people we meet en route, service station revelations – and playlist arguments. And hopefully, somewhere along the 1,000s of kilometres of tarmac ahead - ‘home’.

Our route: at the time of writing this intro, we’ve spent time in Berlin and now we're...

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Avignon to Aix-en-Provence, and a few realisations...

By Tim, 28th October 2017

Before we left the UK to find a new home in the EU, we had a fair few criteria written down about would make us feel we'd found home. But I think we also knew it would take actual 'boots on the ground' to discover what that meant in reality...

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Made it to the Mediterranean! Carnon-Plage, nr Montpellier

by Tim, October 26th 2017

'They' say there's a more relaxed way of doing things in the south of France, probably a lot to do with the climate, I'd say. Following a very pleasant visit to Perigueux, our journey around the south took us west-east; beautiful Bordeaux - a 'mini-Paris' and marginally less-pricey to live....

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Kevin & Leon - in Limousin, in limbo.

Posted by Tim, 18th October 2017

Two dear friends of ours, Kevin and Leon, established themselves in the lovely town of Aubusson, Limousin in 2013; they enjoy their beautiful period home (which they've tastefully renovated at no small expense) and own two successful businesses (one is an excellent restaurant which employs local people). They now face uncertainty and anxiety as a result of the Brexit result.

We hung out with our friends for a few days as we explored the area as a potential location for us (it is absolutely picture-postcard lovely, and affordable). They've laid out...

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The silence of slaughter – and a history that should never be forgotten

Ange writes 17th October 2017...

There is a particular kind of silence that descends on places that have witnessed the most barbaric slaughter.

I remember several years ago visiting Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin. Walking through that place of such barbarity and death, unable to even speak, I felt deafened by...

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Knowing what it takes to make the move; EU-minded Brits and the real deal in ‘Dordogne-shire’.

By Tim, 17th October 2017

Among the anti-Brexit Facebook groups there’s one dedicated to those, like us, wishing to escape the UK; the ‘Plan B’ group has around 2.5K members, all sharing valuable info about their plans to relocate, and the actual requirements of potential new home nations.

It was here I came across the incredibly helpful Monika Theisen – who dived in on each of my rambling enquiries with useful links and connection to great people.

When she learnt of our trip through France, showing the kindness typical of many remainers...

Monday, 16 October 2017

Escaping abuse in the UK - and shooting for something better in France

by Ange 16th October 2017...

“Tramways and macaroons”, says Berengere with a smile as she thinks about Grenoble, one of the beautiful cities we’re visiting along our route around France.

We’re sitting in her living room in the extraordinary house where she and her husband, Neville, now live – not far from the town of Confolens in Nouvelle Aquitaine.

We first ‘met’ Neville online through The 48% Facebook group, and when he heard we were going to be in France he suggested we pop in. Over tea we chatted about...